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About Us


Handan Qiongyue Trade Co., Ltd. is a company integrating industry and trade. The company's headquarters is located at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan. The transportation is developed. The factory mainly produces various transmission shaft couplings, FCL elastic pin couplings, NM elastic grab couplings, FCL elastic pin couplings, anti loss ring pins, eyebolts, rubber sleeves.

Handan Qiongyue Trade Co., Ltd. has a professional technology and production team, Scientific quality management system, perfect and scientific company organizational structure, highly educated and high-quality elite employees, professional technicians, management talents and marketing elites, and employees have rich industry experience. Scientific and strict production management system and perfect after-sales guarantee fully ensure product quality and after-sales service.


Manufacturing process of FCL coupling

FCL coupling uses high-grade cast steel as raw material. After professional data measurement, lathe processing and drilling, the product is made. After fine polishing, polishing, rust removal and painting, the product is more smooth and beautiful.

FCL coupling elastic pin

The elastic pin of FCL coupling is the fastening bolt of the coupling, which is composed of rubber sleeve and bolt. The bolt material is 45 # steel, which is quenched at high temperature and forged. The surface treatment of the bolt is phosphating and colored zinc to prevent rust.

Rubber sleeve

The rubber sleeve is used to protect the coupling. The rubber sleeve is an elastomer, which can fully protect the buffer between the main drive and the driven. A good coupling can perfectly protect the main drive and the driven items. In order to avoid mechanical overload, the coupling is used reasonably to effectively improve production, save time and reduce costs for production



In the development, we integrate various new materials, new processes and new technologies into the R&D link, The company carries out product upgrading and process innovation, pays special attention to ensuring the product quality is excellent, and the details are revealed. It integrates the industrial modeling design and aesthetics, which is practical and beautiful, and constantly improves itself. The company adheres to the concept of integrity, quality, science and technology, and strength, and has been recognized by the industry.

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