Ring pin, Lynch pin

Ring pin, Lynch pin

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Safety pin is a commonly used standard component, mainly used in mechanical equipment such as shelves. The safety pin has functions such as positioning, connection, and locking, and can automatically cut off when encountering overload situations, playing a protective and safety role for the equipment.


The types of safety pins include cylindrical pins, tapered pins, perforated pins, split pins, etc. When choosing a safety pin, it is necessary to choose according to its job requirements. The diameter of the safety pin used for connection can be determined based on the characteristics of the connection structure, and strength verification may be necessary. The diameter of the positioning safety pin can be directly determined based on the structure.


The material for safety pins is usually 35 or 45 steel, while the material for safety pin sleeves can be 45, 35SiMn, 40Cr, etc. Safety pins play an important role in mechanical equipment, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.


In short, safety pins are a widely used standard component in the field of machinery and have important practical value. In various types of sales, safety pins provide assurance for the normal operation of equipment with their unique performance and functionality.

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