Sheep eye bolt

Sheep eye bolt

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Sheep eye bolt, also known as sheep eye, sheep eye circle, sheep eye nail, sheep eye screw, etc., is a widely used accessory for hanging accessories, toys, craft gifts, various wooden handles, and is also a commonly used hardware accessory in building decoration. The main materials of sheep eye bolts are stainless steel, copper, and iron, and the surface treatment includes natural color, electroplating, and spraying.


The characteristic of sheep eye bolts is that the head is circular and the tail has circular holes, making it easy to thread and hang. In various decorative and industrial applications, sheep eye bolts play a role in fixing and connecting. Due to its wide range of applications and diverse material choices, sheep eye bolts have abundant supply and sales in the market.


When selecting sheep eye bolts, attention should be paid to their specifications, materials, surface treatment and other factors to meet the needs of different scenarios and applications. At the same time, ensure product quality and effectiveness.

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